Giving to Charity

At Holy Trinity we place great empasis on our partnerships with a number of charities which are close to our hearts including Kisiizi Hospital, Water Aid and Christian Aid. The PCC Charities sub-committee comes together at the start of each year to agree which charities will become each month's "Charity focus". We encourage members from the charitable organisation or from our congregation to talk about the work that each charity does at the Charity Focus service, and in this way we highlight the hard work that all these organisations do to improve the lives of others. 

The amount given to each month's chosen charity is the entire takings from all the services held at Holy Trinity on the second Sunday of each month. Additional contributions can be made to the selected charity at other times of the month by using the blue collecting envelopes that are available in church.

Our Chosen Charities for 2023 are:

January: Kisiizi Hospital and School.  Established 55 years ago by Christian missionaries and now run by the Church of Uganda. It provides healthcare, primary school education and a School of Nursing. For more information and how to donate or become a “Kisiizi partner” – go to their website where  you can find the latest newsletter, read all about their projects and catch up on the Friends Day presentations.

February: The David Nott Foundation, who are dedicated to delivering the specialised training that surgeons need to save lives in countries affected by conflict and catastrophe. To read more about their vital work, go to the website David Nott Foundation  where you can find out how to support them. You can donate to the Foundation using the blue envelopes at our services. If you can gift aid your donation please enter your details on the  envelope.

March: Cure Parkinsons, which was set up in 2005 by four people living with Parkinson's. Since then it has made significant progress in the quest for a cure, funding millions of pounds of research - giving hope to many living with the disease. To discover more about their work go to their website: You can also donate using the blue envelope, available in church and at our services. If you can gift aid your donation, please enter your details on the envelope.

Our Chosen Charities for 2022 were:

January:  Water AidWater Aid say 'Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are basic human rights. They should be a normal part of daily life for everyone - but they aren't'.  To make the benefits of clean water last for generations, good hygiene is the key. Some groups of people are especially affected by poor hygiene - notably people with disabilities, young girls, women and babies. If you wish to donate to Water Aid, search on Google for "Clean Water, Decent Toilets and Good Hygiene: Water Aid UK". Or you can donate by cheque or cash, using one of the blue envelopes in church abd put it in the green donations box or drop it off at 58 Chalfont Road, Seer Green. Please write WaterAid on the envelope.

February: Kisiizi Hospital and School.  Established 55 years ago by Christian missionaries and now run by the Church of Uganda. It provides healthcare, primary school education and a School of Nursing. For more information and how to donate or become a “Kisiizi partner” – go to Also cash or cheque (payable to Seer Green PCC) may be taken to 58 Chalfont Road, marking your envelope Kisiizi.

March: Wycombe Women's Aid: who provide specialist services to women and children experiencing domestic violence - safe, temporary and emergency accommodation and practical and emotional support - both within the refuge and through outreach in the local community. Donations are best made by bank transfer to Lloyds Bank, Wycombe Women's Aid Ltd, 30-94-28 02309363 or by using one of the blue envelopes available in church, marking it "WWA", completing your details if you can Gift Aid it, and placing it in the green collecting box.

April: Children at Risk Action Netword, CRANE:  This charity works to alleviate suffering amongst the poorest and most vulnerable children in Kampala, Uganda. Their work includes the provision of safe accommodation for children rescued from the streets and supports those being questioned by the judicial system. To find out more read the article that appears in this month's parish magazine. To donate, use the blue envelopes in church, marking it CRANE and completing the details if your donation can be gift aided.

May: Christian Aid:  This charity exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. To read about their work, see the article in the Parish Magazine or go to UK charity fighting global poverty - Christian Aid. To donate to their work Seer Green Holy Trinity Christian Aid Week 2022 ( or use a blue envelope which can be found in church.

June: St Andrews Church - Family Support Project: The group, which supports vulnerable families with pre-school children, is based in an area of High Wycombe with many families on such minimal income that regular food parcels from the food bank are needed to help feed their families.   Can you give your time to support the group? If so, please contact Claire Jenkin To support financially please use the blue envelopes in church or Bank transfer to: Family Support Group, Natwest A/c 15680541 Sort code: 60-11-01.

August: Church Action on Poverty:  This is the national ecumenical Christian charity which works in partnership with people in poverty themselves to tackle its root causes in the UK.  Founded 40 years ago  with strong support from Oxford Diocesan Synod, it has influenced policies in several area - but much remains  to be done. For further information see the article on page 11 of the July/August Parish magazine or their website at Donations can be made online, by cash or cheque (payanle to 'Seer Green PCC'), to our Treasurer at 58 Chalfont Road, or by using a blue envelope in church. If tou can Gift Aid it, please give your name and  address.

September: The David Nott Foundation:  Their mission is simple - "To save victims of conflict and natural disaster by better-equipping the doctors who care for them". The foundation works in some of the most dangerous and disadvantaged places in the world, sharing knowledge, providing training and techniques which can be used long after the teams have left. To understand more about their work see the article about the Foundation in t bank, he Parish Magazine - where you can donate to their work. Or you can use a blue envelope in church. If you can GiftAid your contribution please give your name and address.

October: One Can Food Bank, High Wycombe, who work with local organisations - including Bucks Council, housing associations and the Department for Work & Pensions - to provide weekly food parcels to those who need help. To donate use the blue envelopes in church at any time during October. If you can Gift Aid your contribution, please give your name and address on the envelope. For more information go to their website

November: Royal British Legion, who provide support for members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families. They work to support those in need within the Armed Forces Community. Please use the blue envelopes in church at any time during November. For more information go to their website

December: Housing Justice and the Disasters Emergemcy Committee (DEC). Housing Justice is a small but highly influential ecumenical charity which mobilises churches and other faith and community groupsseeking to address homelessness and housing need wherever it occurs. The DEC brings together 15 leading UK aid charities, including Christian Aid and Tearfund, to raise funds quickly and efficiently at times if crisis overseas. For more information go to Housing Justice - Housing Justice and