Eight O'Clock Club

The “Eight O’Clock Club” is a church-affiliated social group for village residents of all ages. The group meets at 8pm on the first Thursday of most months to enjoy some interesting talks and to socilaise.  We meet at the Seer Green Baptist Church, Wood Pond Close, Seer Green HP9 2XG. The church is actually located at the junction of Wood Pond Close and Drovers Way. The August meeting each year is a visit to Wycombe Swan Theatre to see the current ‘Summer Youth Project’; September is a full day outing and for Christmas (in late November/early December), a meal at Beaconsfield Golf Club. 

Seer Green Eight O'Clock Club was founded in September 1982 at the instigation of a village resident Mrs Joyce Bardouleau and the Rev Malcolm Osborne (the Parish Priest at that time). It was intended to be a social group for village residents of all ages for whom the other village clubs were either not appropriate or did not appeal, it would be available in the evening for those who worked during the day

There is no formal membership or fee for joining the club; we welcome people to any meeting, which they may find interesting. There is a charge of £3 - this includes a cup of coffee/tea and biscuits. We currently have regular attendees of all ages from 20 to 80+.

Meetings and other events are all advertised in the Parish Magazine, Holy Trinity Church pew sheet and by posters around the villages of Seer Green and Jordans. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings!

For further information contact Monica Sado on 01494 677851 or on email at monica100seer@gmail.com

Future Meetings during 2022:

12 May:  (note 2nd Thursday)

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips QVA, MBE and Founder of DrugFAM will present a talk entitled "Mum Can You Lend Me 20  Quid?"  - What Drugs Did To My Family.

9 June: (note 2nd Thursday)

Elaine Quigley, graphologist, psychologist and handwriting analyst will present a talk on "Graphology - What Does Your Handwriting Reveal"

7 July:

John Tyler, nature conservationist, will talk about "Natural Signals - how plants and animals communicate (and what they are saying)"

August: Wycombe Swan Youth Project  (further details to be announced)

September: Full Day Outing  (further details to be announced)