Holy Trinity Seer Green & Jordans

Parish Magazine

The Seer Green and Jordans Parish Magazine

Our Parish Magazine is published monthly, and is put together by a team of dedicated volunteers who work hard to make it an interesting and informative read.

The magazine is in full colour and there are 10 editions a year. It costs £1 and can be bought in Jordans Village Store and Best One Seer Green; or you can have it delivered by contacting us at editorseergreen@gmail.com.

The magazine is a mixture of church and community news and we welcome information about events in the two villages and we love to have lots of pictures. The final copy date for each month's magazine is the 7th of the month before.

Fliss Coombs and Sue Puttergill ( joint editors )


Recent issues of the magazine are available here on our website. Please use the links below to access the magazines in PDF format. If you do not have PDF reader software, please click here to download it.

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