APCM Papers

The next APCM meeting will be on Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

It will be chaired by Laurence Tebboth, the Deanery lay-chair.

There are ten papers for the meeting.  The first 8 listed below have been combined into a single Word document and cover the following topics:

1. The Vicar's Report on the Activities of the Parish

2. Safeguarding Report

3. ECO Church Annual Report

4. Charity Committee Report

5. The Wardens' Report on the Activities of the Parish

6. Electoral Roll Report

7. Annual Buildings Report

8. The Amersham Deanery Synod Report

To open the document comprising papers 1-8, click here

The 9th paper (Children and Families Report) is a separate Word document and needs to be opened separately - 9here

The 10th paper (HT Audited Accounts) is a PDF file and also needs to be uploaded separately - 10here.  The attachment should open automatically if you have Acrobat Reader installed or you will find the file copied into your Download directory. If you can't find it, right click on the link, choose the "Save link as......" option and say where you want the file loaded on your PC.