APCM Papers

The 2023 APCM meeting is scheduled for 11am on Sunday May 14, straight after morning service.

The papers for this meeting are set out below

1a. The Agenda for the 2023 APCM: Click HERE

1.   Minutes of the APCM, May 2022: Click HERE

2.  Electoral roll report: Click HERE

3.  Four Papers on  Church Activities: Click HERE

  a) Churchwardens Report 

  b) Vicar's Report

  c) Charity Commission Report  

  d) Children & Families' Report

4. Financial Report year-ended 31 Dec 2022: Click HERE

5.  Treasurer's Report year-endedc 31 Dec 2022: Click HERE

6 . Buildings Report 2023: Click HERE

7. Deanery Synod Report 2023: Click HERE

8. Safeguarding Report 2022-2023: HERE

Non-Statutory Report

9. ECO-Church Report: HERE


The Minutes of the May 2023 APCM   Click HERE

Please note that these minutes are abbreviated to protect peoples' privacy.


Update from the APCM: Future Vision

At the APCM Jez asked us to consider five sorts of people in Seer Green and Jordans: a young mum, a young dad, a child and an elderly widow/widower. The first four of these represent demographics that are significantly under-represented in the church. He felt that there were two questions that we could ask ourselves of these five people:

1.How do we express the kingdom of God in action by responding to their felt practical needs?
2.In partnership with that, how do we give them opportunities to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus?

All five would benefit from a flexible place where they could come together, to chat with friends, bring their children, study, receive support when needed, decompress, and enjoy affordable refreshments, so that no-one needs to feel isolated.

Jez described a church which would allow for greater accessibility through a new entrance with no steps; a church that is adequately heated; one that would allow financial support for ministry; one that could accommodate the whole school; and one that provides a space for concerts with staging.

A more flexible place is needed to accommodate different types of services and activities, with comfortable chairs which can be moved so that, for example, people can sit facing each other, and with a space at the front for a youth band. He spoke about an extension for a café, and a mezzanine that could be used to create an acoustically isolated space.

A wide range of services are needed, and not just in the church building but in many less formal places, especially for young people.  Jez is delighted that there is a real energy starting in the village to address these needs, and an initiative is starting to engage more with teenagers in the villages