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Sermons 2015

1. Lent 2015

During Lent 2015, Cassa delivered sermons that were based on the Church Urban Fund's 'Hope Actually'.   Hope Actually starts from the premise that wherever you turn, or whatever news you pick up from the media, hope seems to be in short supply.  It encourages us to look for the genuine hope that will not disappoint us.

Cassa delivered five sermons during Lent, from Feb 22nd to March 22nd, four of which are available below to read.

Lent Sermon for Week 1 (Sunday February 22nd):  click Week1

Lent Sermon for Week 2 (Sunday March 1st): click Week2

Lent Sermon for Week 3 (Sunday March 8th): click Week3

Lent Sermon for Week 4 (Sunday March 15th):  not available

Lent Sermon for Week 5 (Sunday March 22nd): click Week5


2. Christian Stewardship Sermon: Rights and Responsibilities: click Responsibilities


3. Paul's Letter to The Ephesians

Part 1: Sunday July 12th click 12 July

Part 2: Sunday July 19th: click 19 July