Giving to Holy Trinity

Giving to Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is at the heart of the village of Seer Green and serves an area that includes many outlying homes and the village of Jordans.

All Parishioners, their families and other visitors receive a warm welcome at all our services and events and Holy Trinity aims to reach out to the wider community working with the schools in Seer Green and Jordans, through pastoral care, as well as groups for parents with young children and groups for the over fifties.

Holy Trinity depends entirely on its regular congregation and “Friends”, both in and outside the Parish, to keep us running. This includes the giving of time, as well as financial support. We are sincerely thankful to all those people who spend time as volunteers to support our various rotas or offer time in other ways. We are also extremely grateful to all those who give us financial support on a regular basis or as one-off donations when they feel able. Without this generosity, the church would simply cease to run.

Why give?

In order to ensure the continuing presence of our church in the community we are appealing to church members and all friends of Holy Trinity who benefit from its existence to support us. The facts are that:

  • The largest source of income for Holy Trinity is donations from the congregation;
  • Holy Trinity does not receive financial support from the Government or the Church of England;
  • Last year the people of Holy Trinity gave very generously to the work of the church.

Our challenge

To build up reserves and meet the expected expenses for 2013 we would need annual donations totalling £54,900. We have a challenge to raise £1230 a week on a regular basis if we are to put our Church on to a sound financial footing and ensure that it continues as an integral part of the village.

We have a useful information leaflet at the back of church entitled “Giving – A Simple Guide” which you can download from here. It provides us with a useful quote on giving:

“We have an abundantly generous God. Jesus’s death on the cross was the ultimate demonstration of that generosity. How do we as Christians respond? Giving is an outworking of our faith. It’s all about living generously, something that’s at the heart of our ‘Living Faith’ vision. Generosity is part of our disciple­ship; it’s how we make a difference in the world, and it’s an indication of the vibrancy of our Christian communities.”

Where does the money go?

Over 50% of our current income goes to pay our Parish Share. This is money which all parishes contribute to the diocese to support the work of the Church as a whole and covers the total cost of clergy housing, stipends, pensions and other central services in the Diocese of Oxford.

The remainder is used for our own expenditure which covers the costs of services, parish administration and a significant amount towards maintaining, heating and insuring the church building. We are looking to increase the amount we spend on Vision & Mission in the coming years.

How much should I give?

The amount we give to our Church is a personal choice: an informed decision guided by prayer. We have provided some guideline figures below, however these figures provide an average guideline. Everyone will decide for themselves, with prayer, whether they are able to contribute more or less than these guidelines

Consistent and regular giving is very important as this allows planning of what Holy Trinity can offer. When deciding to donate, consider an amount that is sustainable for you.

How can I give?

If you are able to give on a regular basis, and you pay income tax, then you should fill in the Gift Aid declaration form to allow us to claim back income tax at the standard rate from HM Revenue and Customs. Please click on the link to download this form.

There are two ways to regularly give to Holy Trinity. Through:

  • Envelope Scheme
  • Standing Order

Please click on the forms below to download a PDF version:

Please use the Contact Us link if you would like to talk about Giving. You may also be interested to visit the link on Christian giving and funding, provided by the Diocese of Oxford. To access this link, please click here.