Padstones is a registered charity based in Buckinghamshire, providing support in an accommodation setting for young people aged 16-20 who are homeless, vulnerable and at risk.

Very often young people are made homeless due to family breakdown, parents moving away, being thrown out or leaving care.

Padstones aims to enable and empower young people by providing a blend of accommodation, 24 hour support and advice, so that they can make their own informed choices and eventually lead an independent life. In order to achieve this, all residents have to commit to continuing their education, training or employment.

Supported accommodation is provided at two residential units - one in High Wycombe and one in Burnham, South Bucks. The charity also provides move-on flats with lower level support in order to help with the transition from dependence to independence.

On average Padstones receives 150 referrals per year. Approximately 80% of their funding comes from local authorities and grants. To provide their service and grow to help more young people, they work hard to raise the balance and rely on donations, local church parishes, fundraising events and support from the local community.

To date, since the service began in 1992, they have helped over 800 young adults.

For more information about Padstones, click on their website here.