One Can Trust

The One Can Trust

One Can Trust is a local charity, centred around Wycombe and South Bucks, that has been set up to facilitate community-based projects, helping communities help themselves. They achieve this by seeking Opportunities to help those in Need, Empowering people to work together and encouraging Communities into ActioN - hence "ONE CAN".

The Trust works in partnership with many local churches, across all denominations, in Wycombe and across South Bucks and surrounding areas.

What do they do?

Their first major project is the One Can Foodbank, whereby free food parcels are provided to those those deemed to be 'in crisis'.

A foodbank is a simple idea: collect food, sort it and give it out to those who need it.  The One Can Foodbank provides a short-term free emergency food supply of non-perishable items such as meat, vegetables and puddings etc. The parcel provides enough nutritious basic ingredients, together with menu cards, to create a number of meals.

The One Can Foodbank is stocked by the generosity of people from local churches, schools, companies and individuals who regularly donate food, time and money.  This community of people also come together regularly to sort, pick, pack and distribute food parcels to those in need.

Another project they have initiated is One Can Hope . This focuses on addressing issues surrounding child poverty because sadly up to 1 in 3 children in High Wycombe live in income poverty.

What are their Values?

The Trust is a Christian based organisation whose values, set out below, are underpinned by the demonstration of their faith.

One LifeWe believe that every life matters and that all people have worth. We value all who have contact with One Can either as clients, volunteers or organisations who refer and so we are committed to inclusion, openness, respect and support.

One Hope – We believe that everyone should have hope for the future no matter what their circumstances and so we are committed to working with all people without prejudice of race, culture, faith, gender or disability to increase quality of life.

One Can – We believe in the ability of people to transform their circumstances for the better and so we are committed to working alongside organisations and people to empower encourage and enable positive change.

If anyone wants to help in collecting donations or by just spreading the word, then click on the One Can Trust website and help change a life for the better!