Headway South Bucks

Headway South Bucks cares for people who have acquired a brain injury whether through sporting or work accidents, road traffic accidents, assault, illness or disease. It is affiliated to the national Headway organisation at www.headway.org.uk/

Support is given in two main ways:

1. Through their Resource Centre in Bourne End, where activities take place to improve cognitive, memory, coordination and living skills together with confidence building in social skills. These activities are designed to help people to rebuild their lives following brain injury. The centre has approximately 18 places available each day and runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. Through the provision of support to Carers through their unique Carers' Support Programme. This was recently introduced and it offers regular themed meetings, outings and individually-tailored respite.

Headway South Bucks also works in partnership with other organisations in Buckinghamshire and beyond -  including the Community Head Injury Service based in Aylesbury.

Currently over 25 families are supported across South Bucks and the surrounding areas. If they are unable to provide advice and support, they will put you in contact with people who can.  You can obtain further information by accessing their website HERE.