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Gaza in ruins : People are suffering : Hatred grips the Holy Land


Bible Society not only prints, translates and distributes (sometimes at cost price) the Bible, Psalms, New Testamanet and other parts of the Bible. It also provides practical aid and literacy training.

For example when catastrophic floods hit Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia (West Balkans) on the morning of 15th May last year, Bible Society with the help of churches and local organisations distributed food, water and blankets as well as over 2,000 New Testaments which brought hope and encouragement. Some of the recipients shared "The world will make you suffer, But be brave! I have defeated the world." John 16:33 CEV, and found courage to go on.

In Gaza celebrations broke out when the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was announced. But more than 2,000 people died in the conflict; a quarter of Gaza's population is now homeless and communities across the Holy Land are still gripped by hatred and bitterness. It's a picture reflected across the Middle East. Hearts and minds need to be changed and the Bible is instrumental in doing this.

Thanks to Bible Society and its local workers, the Bible is shaping lives and communities in the region. An example of this is Rudy, who grew up in Bethlehem with the Israeli separation wall built around his home town and his father out of work because he could no longer travel into Israel to work.

Rudy was changed by what he saw and heard at a summer Bible Camp run by Bible Society and today, aged 16, he is training to be a Christian priest and is fiercely determined to stay in Bethlehem to share the Bible with other young people.

Rudy said "I particularly like Romans 5.4: We know that suffering produces perserverance, perseverance produces character and character produces hope. When I read verses like this I know there is hope for the future".

A generation of young people like Rudy in the Holy Land who love Jesus and want to share the Bible could change the story in the region in a way that politics and military intervnetion has so dismally failed to do ...........

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