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Cassa’s Newsletter for Christmas 2018

Dear Church Family

This is to say a HUGE thank you for the many ways you support and contribute to the life and work of our church in our community, they are much appreciated. I have attached to this email a thank you to us all from Bishop Steven, our Diocesan Bishop, which you can also see here:


Thank you for all your lovely cards and gifts. I have had such a full diary recently that I have not been able to reciprocate to everyone this year for which I apologise but please know how much we appreciate the lovely greetings. 

As we enter this Christmas Eve, this night of our saviour's birth I wanted to share with you some of my reflections on stillness and emptiness. Both of these are I think are essential as we enter the Christmas season. 

'Be still and know that I am God' Psalm 46: 10

My grandmother said that her favourite moment of Christmas was when she had returned from Midnight Mass, everyone was in bed,  and she had turned out all the lights except the Christmas tree, she would take a moment then in the stillness just to be. It was this she described as the moment she felt closest to God. 

'When peaceful silence lay over all, and night had run half her swift course, your all-powerful word, O Lord, leapt down from heaven, from the royal throne'. Wisdom 18:14

In the stillness, the mystery of God's incarnation is revealed. In the 'thin place' of Christmas Eve, we can capture once again the awesomeness of God's gift of love for the world. But this is where emptiness comes in.....

'Let every heart prepare him room' Joy to the World

At the end of this week, I was feeling rather empty and exhausted and wondering where I was going to get the energy for the Christmas period. My Advent Book, 'Lighted Windows' by Margaret Silf's reflection for Saturday was on 'emptiness'. God needs empty spaces to be able to fill with his grace. If we are 'full' of ourselves and our own abilities there is no need or space for God. Mary's womb was empty before she said yes to God. Joseph's life seemed to be in tatters before the angel appeared in his dreams. This insight was such a timely reminder that the grace of God has found space in my life, often when I am at my weakest, emptiest and most 'hollowed-out'. So I wonder how we all might use the moments of stillness today to know our God and to prepare him room to be born into our hearts again this Christmas?

Wishing you the gifts of peace, hope, joy and love this Christmas, 


Reverend Cassa Messervy,

Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Benefice of Chalfont St. Giles, Seer Green and Jordans

43 Long Grove,  Seer Green HP9 2YN

Tel: 01494 672496



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