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Dear All,

How do you nurture your relationships with your family and friends? Do you allow the ‘busy-ness’ of life to overtake important time spent with the ones you love? I know there are times when I do. Did you know that we also have to nurture our relationship with God? If we don't spend time praying, reading the bible and other Christian books or listening to the faith journies of others, God is not able to nourish us and help us grown in faith - we will be empty in the same way as friendships and family relationships can be if we don't give time and energy to them. May I encourage you to choose one thing you will do between now and Christmas to nurture your faith and let me know what it is?

Special Services:

28th October  10am Holy Communion, with our Acts sermon series                                                                         3.30pm Engage Pop-up Church in Jordans Village Hall

4th November 10am All Saints Family Service                                                                                                                   4pm All Souls Remembering Service

11th November 10am Joint Service for Remembrance Sunday

18th November 10am Rethink Praise Service


Rethink Questions:  We have a special speaker coming on Sunday 18th and Thursday 22nd of  November to give a talk on one of the questions of Christian faith and to answer questions. It is a great opportunity to invite friends and family - I am challenging you to invite 5 people (don't worry if they say no, at least you have tried and one or more might say yes!).  If you have not already done so please hit reply and vote for two of the following questions:

1. Has science buried God?

2. Does the Bible record myths or actual events?

3. How can a loving God allow suffering?

4. God and the tooth fairy: Is faith rational?

5. Is truth dead and does it matter?

6. Why natural disasters?


AdventAs the season of Advent approaches, we may want to think about how we nurture our faith and grow as disciples. I will be offering again this year a range of Advent books available in November, prayer opportunities and an Advent course. Please click on the link below to put in the day and times that would suit you:



Partnership for Missional Church :  Janine and I went to the second of the cluster meetings for the three-year programme we have joined, the Partnership for Missional Church. The content was excellent and helped us to analyse the first part of the listening process which has been so encouraging. Janine will be sharing some of the results with on Sunday 28th October.

May you be blessed this week with the presence of God as a guiding hand in your life,


Reverend Cassa Messervy


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