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Cassa’s Easter Newsletter, 2018

Dear All, 

At morning prayer this Tuesday, the reading from Bible was Luke 22, starting at verse 39, where Jesus has just eaten the last supper and has gone out to pray before he is arrested.  It reads, 'Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives'. It was the words 'as usual' which struck me as we have been reflecting this Easter on becoming more Christ-like. Bishop Steven says there are three characteristics which can help us become more Christ-like: being more contemplative, more compassionate and more courageous. 

It was Jesus' contemplative or prayerful example which struck me in the reading from Luke. The prayer time was not this night because he was about to face the Cross but it was the culmination of all the prayer nights that enabled him to face Maundy Thursday night and Good Friday. 

I then wondered how we might all, as disciples of Jesus, become more contemplative? I know that many find it difficult to come to church regularly due to family commitments and busy lives but I would ask you how are you maintaining your spiritual well-being and relationship with God? We do offer a good range of services, including Tuesday morning prayer at 9am and Wednesday communion 9.30am which is now a contemporary language service as alternatives or extras to Sunday. The PCC is also looking at the possibility of an afternoon service. 

Of course, daily time spent in prayer and Bible reading is a brilliant way of being more contemplative. There are many forms this can take and apps you can use to help you pray wherever you are. God longs for us to share the whole of our lives with Him. That means including in our prayers our work, our families, our friends and all the opportunities God gives us to serve Him in the 'everyday' parts of our lives. 

May we be more like Jesus, so that we can say in our lives, 'Father not my will but your will be done.'

Holy Week and Easter Services

7pm Maundy Thursday Communion

10am Good Friday Joint Service

11am Walk of Witness ending with Hot Cross Buns at the Baptist Church

2pm Hour By the Cross

10am-5pm The Great Seer Green Easter Egg Hunt (starts at Seer Green Baptist Church)

8am BCP Easter Communion

10am All-Age Easter Communion followed by Easter egg hunt. 

PCC News

Our PCC met last week and discussed various matters. The first was the decision to take Bishop Steven's vision of becoming more Christ-like: contemplative, compassionate and courageous as our vision for this year. 

The two main topics for discussion were Safeguarding and Data protection. We had two reports on our responsibilities in each of these important areas and various actions were agreed. The PCC asks that anyone asked to give information for Safeguarding or Data protection responds as quickly as they can. In the meantime please see an attached letter asking our prayers for all affected by recent church inquiries and showing that our actions are part of a Churchwide initiative to become better, safer, more Christlike.   The third main item was the proposed new notice boards. The PCC agreed the new smaller and darker blue design which we hope to have in place very soon. 

I am away in Ireland from Mon 2nd April until Friday 13th April for my brother-in-law's wedding, please contact our churchwardens or Linda in my absence. 

I wish you all a contemplative Holy Week and a joyful Easter celebration. 

May Jesus, the suffering servant, bring you with him to triumph and bless you this Easter. Amen


With best wishes, 


Reverend Cassa Messervy


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