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Dear All,

As we head into August I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to support the mission of God through our church. God's mission, which is sharing his love with the world is at the heart of all we do. It is often worked out in the everyday things we do in our lives. Serving coffee after a service, giving our neighbour a lift to the hospital or listening to a colleague at work who is struggling. It is these everyday acts and activities that we live and share the love of God with those around us. As Jesus said, love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as yourself. May we all be given the grace and strength we need to join in with the mission of God in our everyday lives. 

Message from Janine about the Service survey and Partnership for Missional Church:  During the PCC away day to review the service survey, the PCC realised that there was a lot of good feedback, but we could not narrow down our focus.  Gill, our facilitator, recommended we join the Partnership for Missional Church (PMC), run by the Diocese, as a new program was about to start in our local area.  Cassa, Peter Vinall, Olwyn Davison-Oakley and Janine Dunnell went to the opening session to see what it was about.  The PCC approved the recommendation to join it - it is a three-year structured program, with support from the Diocese and people who have been through it already.  The timing is right for us, and the other churches are similar in size and facing the same questions that we have.  

The first year is about listening - to the congregation, to our community in the two villages, and to recognising what God is already doing in both of these areas.  We'll also be trying new spiritual practices, like 'Dwelling in the Word'.  The second year is about trying something new and seeing what works for us.  The third year is to focus on the areas that work for us and that we want to keep.

If you would like to know more, please contact Cassa, Olwyn, Peter or Janine.  Janine will be the steering team lead.

Services in August: We will have our usual pattern of services in August with a slightly shorter form or service as the children will be invited to stay in the service as it is the school holidays. Activites and toys will be set out at the back of the church. 

Holiday: I shall be away on holiday from 3rd-12th August and then from the 27th-31st August. Please speak to Andy or Jane our Churchwardens about general church matters or Ian or Linda for pastoral matters. 

May the God of peace bless you with peace and rest this August, 




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